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Pola Rise

POLA RISE is artist finding herself in electronic music. She could be easily compare to Bjork’s loveliness but she’s much more mysterious. Her sensitive voice can move you and give creeps.

On stage Pola Rise accompany MANOID – producer who transfers the sound of nature into synthetic sounds. He changes emotions into sine waves. Pola introduced her sensitivity and unique sensibility to the song. Her soft voice perfectly matches the sound of MANOID and takes the listeners into a fascinating journey with every note. Together, they created a sophisticated combination of two opposite elements and despite the difference of characters. What binds MANOID and Pola Rise together are their mutual inspirations and fascinations.

Premiere of her first EP „The Power of Coincidence” was released on April 2015. Live concerts are the only way to listen music from her LP. Below you can check teasers announced their album also link to their first EP.
Pola Rise is the first polish artist who was invited to Deezer sessions! Project was attended by Selah Sue, Ed Sheeran, Lianne La Havas and Asaf Avidan! Pola Rise performs her Deezer Sessions together with MANOID (electronics),TOBERA (guitars), Wiktoria Jakubowska (drums) and Agata Kurzyk (cello).