dead western

Dead Western

DEAD WESTERN is TROY MIGHTY, who demands to live.

“Who is Troy Mighty? In shadow, he appears neanderthal; in light, he waxes angelic. He sounds like a forest growing with the throatless groaning of age-old trees, feels like a Victorian passage through limbo, looks like a Grecian statue. It is the shifting of rock, the scuttling of insects, the hissing of the wind: frightful, eternal.”

His latest effort SUCKLE AT THE SUPPLE TEATS OF TIME (2010) reaches out with the familiarity of the dark and saddened guitar-based Folk, it surprises with the momentum of life, the comprehension of the beauty in life, confusion and self – it reaches straight to the heart.

DEAD WESTERN is the soundtrack to your fever dreams. Songs that sound like they have been here for hundred years, music you can hide within and brave the world outside. And you might need to climb in a wooden horse to get to the heart of this DEAD WESTERN…