About festival


Asymmetry Festival is being organised in Wroclaw, since 2009. The core of festival is music reaching over genres, as metal, rock, jazz, electronic and pop. Our goal is to present unrestrained artists, daring to derive from traditions of popular music, together with using the recent compilations of sounds. True message and courage of artistic form are vital values, fundamentals of ASYMMETRY’s idea. It is a place of meeting for artists, spectators, journalists, directors of music festivals from Eastern and Western Europe. So far, we had a pleasure to be entertained by Killing Joke, Melvins, Kyles, Baronness, Dalek, Ezekiel, Electric Wizard, Mayhem and Bohren & der Club of Gore. Almost half of our public are guests from abroad. We have been situating the festival scenes in extremely alluring spots with good ambience: gothic church of Mary Magdalene, post-industrial Bourgeois Brewery and Century Hall.